Applying for 2023 Shanghai Government Scholarship for International Students

creation date:2023-02-28

Excellent applicants for degree programs may have chance to win Shanghai Government Scholarship for International Students.

Ⅰ. Funding Period

Four years for undergraduate programs

Two years for postgraduate programs

Ⅱ. Types

1Shanghai Government Scholarship for International Students is classified into two types, i.e., type A and type B.


Type A covers tuition, dormitory fee, living expenses, and medical insurance;

Type B covers tuition and medical insurance.

Eligibility & Application

1Eligibility Requirements

(1) Citizenship

Applicants applying for Shanghai Government Scholarship for International Students must be non-Chinese citizens.

(2) Age and Education Background

Undergraduate programs: Applicants must have a high school degree or above and be no more than 25 years old.

Postgraduate programs: Applicants must have a bachelor degree or above and be no more than 35 years old.

(3) Language Proficiency

Undergraduate programs: Applicants should have achieved a Chinese level of HSK4 or above and meet the language requirement of the college they apply to join.

Postgraduate programs: Applicants should have achieved a Chinese level of HSK5 or above and meet the language requirement of the college they apply to join.

2. Application Requirements

Applicants who have received scholarships from the Chinese government, Shanghai Business School, or other organizations may no longer apply for Shanghai Government Scholarship for International Students.

Applicants can log onto the official website of “Study in Shanghai” (, where they can find information about universities and colleges, courses, application deadlines, and application procedures), and apply for scholarships online.

Applicants also need to log onto the international student admissions website of SBS, i.e., “Study @ SBS” (, and apply online. The following materials need to be sent to at the same time.

(1) Application Form for International Students (Students of Degree Program) at Shanghai Business School

Please provide complete and clear information in English or Chinese on the application form, and send it to

Applicants intending to live on campus should carefully indicate the room type they want on the application form. Considering the limited number of beds at international students' dormitories, SBS will arrange the room based on the time of your application and the vacancy situation of room.

 (2) Copy of Passport

Applicants are required to provide a copy of their valid passport page (s) with passport-sized photo, name, date of birth, expiration date, and passport number. The period of validity of the passport must at least be 12 months.

Applicants who are already in China must also provide a copy of their valid visa.

(3) High School Graduation Certificate (for undergraduate programs); Bachelors Degree Certificate (for postgraduate programs)

(4) High School Academic Transcript (for undergraduate programs); Undergraduate Academic Transcript (for postgraduate programs)

(5) Certificate of HSK 4 or above (for undergraduate programs); Certificate of HSK 5 or above (for postgraduate programs)

(6) Recommendation Letter (one for undergraduate programs; at least two for postgraduate programs)

(7) Financial Support Document, Letter of Sponsorship (a photocopy of your sponsors passport is also required)

(8) Certificate of Non-criminal Record

Applicants shall submit the non-criminal record within the validity period issued by the local public security organ, and it should be issued within 6 months before the date of application.

(9) Foreign Physical Examination Form (free of infectious diseases)

Applicants should have a medical test in strict accordance with the items required in the Foreign Physical Examination Form. If the following conditions exist, the examination form will be considered invalid: lack of important items or photos; no official stamp on the photo; no signature of the physician; no official stamp from the hospital. The validity of the inspection results is 6 months.

(10) Applicants whose place of birth is China need to provide the following copies: certificate of naturalization, certificate of cancellation of Chinese household registration, certificate of oversea residency record of at least two years in recent four years.

(11) A 3-min introduction video in Chinese (including a 1-min self-introduction, a 1-min explanation about why they choose to study in China, and a 1-min description of their plans for studying in China, as well as their previous experiences of studying in China (if they have)).

(12) Electronic photo (2-inch bareheaded, unframed color ID photo with white background, named after passport No.; head size: 2/3 of photo size; resolution: ≥320*240 pixels; aspect ratio: 4:3; photo size: 100-500 KB; format: JPG)


1) For documents issued in other languages, please provide notarized ones in Chinese or in English.

2) Applicants under 18 years old should provide a Guardian’s Letter of Guarantee (enclosed).

Application time: from December each year to May in the following year.

Special announcement:

The school does not entrust any intermediary or individual to conduct entrance examination training or admission work, and does not collect any additional fees other than those specified by the state. Whether an applicant is admitted by Shanghai Business School depends on whether the applicant has received the formal admission notice issued by the school.


Ⅳ. Annual Evaluation System

The SBS Evaluation Committee of Shanghai Government Scholarship will make comprehensive evaluations on the academic performance, attitude, attendance, and conduct of the applicants and the rewards and punishment received by them on an annual basis. International students evaluated as qualified are entitled to enjoy the scholarship for the following year; those who fail the evaluation will be suspended or deprived of the scholarship for the following year.