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2024 Enrollment Majors of Undergraduate Programs for International Students

creation date:2024-03-29

1. College of Business Administration 

The college of Business Administration has established four departments (business administration, logistics management, marketing, and retailing management), two school-level research institutions (the Institute of Enterprise Management and the Center for International Business and Strategic Development Research), and also one national-level experimental teaching demonstration center for modern circulation.

The college offers the national-level first-class undergraduate specialty of business administration and the municipal-level first-class undergraduate specialties of logistics management and marketing, and is a pioneer in the specialty of retailing management nationwide. Its business administration and marketing are the first batch of specialties accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP). In view of the development of new business studies, new demands, new models, and new development of technologies, the college has advanced the construction of first-class undergraduate specialties and first-class specialties, aiming to cultivate modern business management talents with Internet thinking, innovative and entrepreneurial abilities, and international view and meet the demands of the construction of “Five Centers” and “Four Brands” in Shanghai and the new development of commerce in China for high-quality application-oriented business talents.

The discipline of business administration offered by the college focuses on commercial circulation and characteristic business fields, and is rated as Shanghai Higher Education Institutions First-Class Discipline (Class B) Construction Program, Shanghai Higher Education Institutions Key Discipline in the “12th Five-year Plan” Period, and Provincial Key Discipline Construction Program “Supported by Central Fiscal Funds”.

The college has a strong teaching staff composed of nationally recognized business research experts, doctors from well-known colleges and universities at home and abroad, “overseas famous teachers” from Oxford University and other world-class institutions of higher learning, and enterprise mentors who are senior executives in domestic established corporations. They have won many individual and collective awards and honorary titles, including “Baosteel Outstanding Teacher Award”, “Shanghai Municipal-level Outstanding Teacher Award”, “Outstanding Young Teachers at Shanghai Institutions of Higher Learning”, “Lifetime Contribution Award for Chain Store & Franchise Operations in China”, “ Shanghai Municipal Award for Bringing up Talents”, “Coastal Sage Leading Talents”, “Shanghai Municipal Magnolia Award”, “Shanghai Municipal-level Teaching Team”, and “Shanghai Municipal Education Pioneer”.

The college has undertaken more than 200 national and ministerial-level longitudinal projects and industry and enterprise-level latitudinal projects, published more than 600 papers and 70 textbooks and monographs, and carried out massive policy-making consulting studies on policy research and industry and enterprise development for Shanghai municipality and the Ministry of Commerce. The research achievements of teachers at the college have received notices of commendation from the National Office for Philosophy and Social Sciences, and have been submitted to related government departments for internal policy-making reference. The college has also won one second prize of the national teaching achievement award, and one first prize and two second prizes of the municipal teaching achievement award.

The college has established close cooperative relationships with Fudan University, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, and many other domestic well-known colleges and universities, and begun to enroll Master students for the specialties of “international business” and “enterprise management”. Besides, the college has engaged in teaching, research, and teacher/student exchanges with many overseas prestigious colleges and universities, including Oxford University in the UK, University of Zurich in Switzerland, Wilfrid Laurier University in Canada, and Georgia State University in the US. The college is also the only authorized unit of City & Guilds (an international authority on professional qualification certification). Each year the college subsidizes outstanding students for overseas exchanges, study, internship, and Master degrees in the US, Canada, the UK, Denmark, etc.

The college is known for its ideal academic atmosphere and for the strong innovative and practical abilities of its students. In recent years, about 50% of students have taken part in all kinds of innovative and entrepreneurial contests, club activities, and scientific research projects, and more than 100 students have won awards in international, national, and municipal-level contests. In the past three years, the students of the college have published 95 research papers, performed well in disciplinary contests, and won one national-level award, 26 national-level awards, and 39 municipal-level awards.

In recent years, the college has ranked first among all the colleges of SBS in terms of employment rate. It achieved an employment rate of 99% in 2017–2019, and managed to maintain it above 96% during COVID-19 in 2020. Each year the college receives joyful news of its students being admitted by domestic well-known universities (such as “Project 985” and “Project 211” universities) and overseas top 100 prestigious institutions of higher learning for further study. A majority of the graduates of the college are employed by domestic and overseas large and medium-sized enterprises in the fields of commerce, trade, Internet, banking, etc. Some graduates go on to pass the civil service examination and enter government agencies, or sign a labor contract with public institutions. The graduates of the college have been widely recognized by the society for their high quality.

The college has always paid close attention to the reform of talent cultivation models. To create favorable conditions for cultivating high-quality talents, the college has developed long-term stable industry and enterprise cooperative relationships with many famous commercial chain and retail enterprises (such as JD, Starbucks, SF, Wal-Mart, Carrefour, Alibaba, Yonghui Superstores, Bailian Group, Gome Electrical Appliances, and Suning Commerce) and industry associations (including China Chain Operation Association, China General Chamber of Commerce, and Shanghai Chain Enterprises Association).

The college serves as Vice Chairman of the Expert Committee of China Association of Trade in Services, Vice Managing Director of the School-enterprise Cooperation Committee of China Chain Operation Association, Vice President of the Chinese Society for Business Management at Institutions of Higher Learning, and Vice President Unit of the Association of Shanghai Commercial Enterprise Management. In the future, the college will strengthen disciplinary connotations construction, highlight priorities, and stress coordinated development, striving to build a college of business administration characterized by prominent specialty advantages, distinctive disciplinary features, top talent quality, and positive social influence.

(1) Retailing ManagementUndergraduate, Availability of Language for Instruction: Chinese

Training goals

This major cultivates application-oriented talents who understand Chinese politics, economy, culture and society, with ability of Chinese communication, sense of social responsibility, ability of practice, innovative spirit and international vision. This undergraduate course enables international students to know about the modern retail management theory, to be familiar with retail practice , features of operation, and management module. With a better ability of retail analysis and management, an international vision and cross-cultural communication ability, the students will understand the new trend of retailing development and how to adapt to it and serve the construction of “Five Centers”in Shanghai, so to become internationalized, interdisciplinary and application-oriented high-quality business talents, to promote the communication and friendly cooperation between China and foreign countries.

Job orientations

The graduates are engaged in managing positions in various retailing entity headquarters, regions, stores, online shops and distribution centers; or in other business- or service-related managing positions, etc.

Specialty features

Newly established by the Ministry of Education in 2017, this major is the first of its kind in Chinese universities and a pilot major for business education excellence at school. It originated from the undergraduate program in Chain Operation Management established by Shanghai Business School in 2005 and the Business Administration (Retail Management) program introduced in 2013, has been awarded the Shanghai University Undergraduate Education Highland Construction Project, Characteristic Major of Nation, and the initial group of pilot construction of application-oriented undergraduate transformation in Shanghai.It is a core discipline of the first-class undergraduate construction project in Shanghai. It has won the first prize of teaching achievement in Shanghai and the second prize of national teaching achievement. This major has accumulated rich experience and achievements in the field of chain retail, and has been ranked A+ in the Best Chinese University Majors for three consecutive years since 2021.

This major consists of municipal-level College of double qualified teachers, both full- and part-time, who wrote and published the first set of undergraduate textbooks on retail management, and is equipped with first-class new retail laboratory and featured  off-campus practice teaching base nationwide. The occupational standard on China retail by City & Guilds, the international authoritative occupational qualification organization, was set here. This major also has in-depth cooperation with large retail enterprises both home and abroad, as well as universities and research institutes, providing the opportunities of international exchange and internship to our students.

Basic Professional Courses

Management                             Marketing

Economics                               Retailing

Strategic Management                      Retailing Operation Management

Purchasing and Supply Chain Management     Plan and Layout of Retail Enterprise

Online Retailing Management               Human Resource Management

Principle of Accounting                    Financial Management

Category Management                     Business Big Data Analysis

Fashion and Luxury Management


(2) Marketing (undergraduate, Availability of Language for Instruction: Chinese)

Training goals

This major cultivates application-oriented talents who understand Chinese politics, economy, culture and society, with ability of Chinese communication, sense of social responsibility, ability of practice, innovative spirit and international vision. This undergraduate course enables international students to respect ethics and abide by laws, to know about the basic theories of economics, management and marketing, to have internet thinking, innovative and entrepreneurial awareness, an international vision and team spirit, to know about the marketing workflow and be capable of analyzing business data, identifying, analyzing and solving practical marketing problems. As internationalized, interdisciplinary and application-oriented high-quality business talents, the students will adapt themselves to the new demands of the market economy development in the era of digital intelligence, while promoting the communication and friendly cooperation between China and foreign countries.

Job orientations

The graduates are mainly engaged in market research, marketing planning, sales promotion, customer service, public relations management and other related business and management in the marketing department, sales department of enterprises and relevant government departments.

Specialty features

The Marketing major is a first-class undergraduate construction site in Shanghai (2021), an internationally accredited major by ACBSP (Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs) in 2019, and a pilot applied undergraduate major in Shanghai in 2017. This major focuses on the field of commerce and marketing, guided by the direction of digital intelligence, oriented towards practice, and aims to cultivate top-notch applied business talents who possess theoretical knowledge of marketing, new media technology, big data analysis, and various composite skills to meet the new demands of economic development in Shanghai and the country.

The major boasts a team of teachers combining expertise and practical experience, emphasizing the development of a curriculum group for "digital marketing," complemented by a leading AI-SaaS intelligent marketing laboratory in China. It collaborates with well-known domestic and foreign enterprises and institutions such as Hema Fresh under Alibaba Group, Shanghai Bailian, Sam's Club under Walmart in the United States, Lawson in Japan, Lian Shang Network, and Shanghai Brand Association to explore new collaborative education models. Through the establishment of enterprise marketing practice centers, self-owned brand industry research institutes, and other means, it provides students with high-quality practical internship and employment opportunities.

ACBSP is a prestigious accreditation body for business majors in the United States, certifying the quality of outstanding teaching achievements. This major precisely benchmarks ACBSP's international accreditation standards and has undertaken comprehensive professional development initiatives in strategic planning, curriculum design, student focus, and other aspects. In 2019, it became the first marketing major in China to pass the ACBSP international accreditation. Building upon this achievement, the major actively engages in international exchange and cooperation, inviting overseas experts to offer international courses. It maintains good cooperative relationships with universities in countries and regions such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and New Zealand, providing students with diverse opportunities for international exchange and learning to broaden their international perspectives.


Basic Professional Courses

Management                              Economics

Marketing                                Management Statistics

Marketing Research                         Data Marketing

Consumer Behavior                         Customer Relationship Management

Internet Marketing                          Sales Management

Advertising                                New Venture Creation

International Marketing                      Business Operation Management


(3) Logistics Management (Undergraduate, Availability of Language for Instruction: Chinese)

Training goals

This major cultivates application-oriented talents who understand Chinese politics, economy, culture and society, with ability of Chinese communication, sense of social responsibility, ability of practice, innovative spirit and international vision. This undergraduate course enables international students to have basic knowledge of management, economics and information technology, know about modern theories and methods of logistics management, be familiar with international business practices, so they will become internationalized, interdisciplinary and application-oriented high-quality business talents, engaged in modern logistics organizations in site management of business logistics, design and management of supply chain, optimization and operation management of logistics system, promoting the communication and friendly cooperation between China and foreign countries.

Job orientations

The graduates are engaged in logistics operation planning, cargo transportation and customs declaration, logistics technology management, logistics document management, logistics data analysis, and other related work, in various domestic and foreign trade logistics enterprises, e-commerce enterprises, large-sized manufacturing enterprises, international freight forwarding companies, shipping agencies, etc..

Specialty features

This major features commerce and logistics and has developed a theoretical and practical teaching system to meet the needs of the profession over more than 20 years of professional development. It is a national first-class undergraduate construction site approved as a key modern industrial college in Shanghai, jointly established with well-known enterprises such as and SF Express. The Smart Logistics Industry Institute, integrating industry and education, has achieved fruitful results in school-enterprise cooperation.

In terms of experimental curriculum development, we have developed and designed independent experimental courses e.g. logistics digital modeling, international freight forwarding, supply chain system simulation, etc., and we are the first in China to adopt 3D-VR virtual reality interactive technology for logistics center design, forming an integrated experimental training and educating system combining theory with practice, virtuality with reality.

In terms of school-enterprise cooperation, this major has established school-enterprise cooperative internship bases with more than 30 well-known domestic and international large enterprises, including JD Logistics, SF Express Group, Alibaba, Shanghai Haiyan Logistics, Sinotrans, Shanghai Yunfeng International Logistics, and Fangwang Supply Chain.

Through comprehensive development including innovative teaching methods, deepening school-enterprise cooperation, and expanding international integration, this major is committed to building a new logistics management specialty with commerce and logistics as its core, supported by big data analysis and cloud computing, and guided by Internet of Things information technology.

Basic Professional Courses

Management                                       Economics

The Fundamentals of Contemporary Logistics            Operations Research

Logistics and Distribution Management                 Warehousing Management

Transportation Management                          Supply Chain Management

International Logistics                               Logistics System Analysis and Design


2. College of Hospitality Management

Upholding the education philosophy of “rooting in business, basing in Shanghai, serving the nation, and opening up to the whole world”, the college adopts the education orientation of cultivating “internationalized, application-oriented, and interdisciplinary” talents, and develops an interdisciplinary pattern based on the three specialties of hospitality management, tourism management, and food quality and safety, aiming to improve the traditional commercial (business) service industry. The school offers three undergraduate specialties (hospitality management, tourism management, and food quality and safety), which are inter-correlated with their respective features. In 2012, the fourth undergraduate education highland construction project in Shanghai, Practical Exploration of an International Talent Cultivation Model for the Specialty of Hospitality Management, successfully passed the acceptance by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission. Since 2013, the specialty of hospitality management has been included among the first batch of “Undergraduate Teaching Project” comprehensive reform experimental specialties at local institutions of higher learning under the Ministry of Education, and rated as an “Undergraduate Teaching Project” college student off-campus practice & education base at local institutions of higher learning under the Ministry of Education. In 2015, it was included in the first batch of application-oriented undergraduate experimental specialties in institutions of higher learning under Shanghai municipality. In 2018, it was included among the first batch of specialties under the first-class undergraduate specialty construction leading program at institutions of higher learning under Shanghai municipality. In 2019, it passed ACBSP international certification, and was included among the first batch of “national-level first-class undergraduate specialties” under the Ministry of Education. In 2020, it passed academic certification by EHL. The specialty of tourism management was rated in 2017 as an application-oriented undergraduate experimental specialty in institutions of higher learning under Shanghai municipality. The specialty of food quality and safety was rated in 2018 as an application-oriented undergraduate experimental specialty in institutions of higher learning under Shanghai municipality. In 2021, the Master degree program for the specialty of tourism management was granted (research direction: hotel operations and management, and regional tourism development and management).

The college has a vibrant, experienced, and well-structured teaching staff with international view and high academic level and professional titles. Currently, the college has a total of 56 teaching and administrative staff members, including six teachers with senior professional titles, 14 teachers with sub-senior professional titles, full-time teachers with a doctoral degree or above (80%), members of the Ministry of Education's Steering Committee on Tourism Management Specialties at Higher Educational Institutions, local talents elected into the “Thousand Talents Programme”, and local leading talents. The teachers of the college have all achieved high academic levels and accumulated rich teaching experience in their respective areas of expertise. Most of them also have rich experience working at enterprises, and have obtained the certificates of Certified Hospitality Educator (CHE) and Certified Hospitality Trainer (CHT) issued by American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA), as well as other senior professional qualification certificates such as European Coffee Taster Certificate and Registered Dietitian Certificate. The college has two research institutions, namely, Real Estate Finance & Big Data Research Center and Starwood Hotel Management Research Center. In recent years, it has undertaken multiple projects sponsored by the National Natural Science Foundation of China.

For the purpose of “offering all-round quality services for students”, the college takes an employment-oriented approach, and is dedicated to cultivating high-end culture, tourism, business, and trade talents with professional attainment, practical ability, innovative spirit, international view, and a strong sense of social responsibility. The college has topped the list of colleges and universities in Shanghai for years in terms of employment rate, and stayed ahead in the postgraduate examination in terms of both passing rate and admission rate.

The college has access to abundant teaching resources, and is one of the first batch of “Undergraduate Teaching Project” college student management science practice & teaching bases, an intensified training base in China for the Hotel Reception Project of the 45th WorldSkills Competition, and an intensified training base in Shanghai for the Hotel Reception Project of the 46th WorldSkills Competition. In addition, the college has built 18 on-campus laboratories, four joint practice & teaching centers, and 69 off-campus internship bases, and engaged in joint talent cultivation with many hotel groups (such as Marriott, ACCOR Hotels, InterContinental Hotel Group, Hengshan and JINMAO) and Bright Dairy and other enterprises. Its aim is to build a first-class, world-renowned college of hospitality management based on industry-teaching integration and characterized by “the collaboration among enterprises, universities, research institutes, and users”.

Hospitality Management (Undergraduate, Availability of Language for Instruction: English) 

Training goals

The specialty is dedicated to cultivating application-oriented talents with practical ability, innovative and entrepreneurial spirit, international view, and a strong sense of social responsibility, who understand China’s politics, economy, culture, and society and are capable of communicating in Chinese. After receiving undergraduate education, international students are expected to meet the development demands of the international hospitality industry and other related industries; equip themselves with the professional knowledge, attitudes, skills, and growth ability required of professionals in the international hospitality industry; cultivate high ideological quality, humanistic quality, innovative spirit, and entrepreneurial ability, and a strong sense of social responsibility in themselves; understand the frontier development trends and master the operations and management methods and means in the international hospitality industry and other related industries; and grow into internationalized, interdisciplinary, and application-oriented high-quality business talents that contribute to Sino-foreign friendly exchanges and cooperation.

Job orientations

1. Operations and management posts at international brand hotels and modern high-end leisure resorts, home-stays, and clubs, including their departments of human resources, marketing, financial, revenue management, and dining management;

2. Hospitality-related investment development and consulting industries, such as tourist hospitality consulting and management, e-commerce, and health industry consulting management companies;

3. High-end service, exhibition, luxury goods, and other related industries;

4. Government agencies and industry associations.

Specialty features

As the first batch of undergraduate specialties of hospitality management under Shanghai municipality, the specialty of hospitality management at SBS has dared to blaze new trails and risen to the challenges for the past decade. Relying on the orientation of Shanghai as an international metropolis, the specialty has made great endeavors to meet the demands of the “Belt and Road” Initiative, the development of the Yangtze River Delta region, and the construction of “Five Centers” and “Four Brands” in Shanghai, and play an active role in the construction of the modern service industry and other novel industries systems in Shanghai. Depending on the advantages of specialty and discipline groups, it has highlighted its features as a specialty in a business college and geared to the standards of the “four-in-one school-running orientation” (“industry, teaching, learning, and research), aiming to cultivate talents with international vision, strategic insight, solid theoretical quality, and strong practical ability. In 2019, the specialty was selected as one of the first batch of national-level first-class undergraduate specialties under the Ministry of Education, and built an intensified training base in Shanghai for the Hospitality Reception Project of the WorldSkills Competition. It enjoys high popularity and fine reputation among similar specialties nationwide. Following the guiding ideas of “gearing to international standards, adapting to industrial demands, and serving the development of Shanghai”, the specialty takes it as its goals to cultivate “application-oriented management talents for international brand hospitalities and related types of business”, and to build a nationally well-known, advanced featured specialty with international influence. The specialty has also established a talent cultivation model based on in-depth industry-university-research cooperation with many international hotel groups (such as ACCOR Hotels, Marriott, and InterContinental Hotel Group) and enterprises (Hengshan, Greenland Group, Debenham Thouard Zadelhoff, and DisneyQuest), and its graduates have been highly recognized by the industry for their high employment rate and strong career development ability. In recent years, the specialty has introduced continuous innovations and reforms in terms of teaching staff, talent cultivation, curriculum system, and industry-teaching integration, trying to explore an application-oriented, innovative, and internationalized path of specialty construction for local undergraduate colleges and universities.

High-standard, innovative orientation: by gearing to international standards, adapting to industrial demands, and embodying Shanghai local features and working closely with well-known hospitality groups both at home and abroad, the specialty aims to cultivate senior management talents with high competitiveness on the job market for the hospitality and tourism industries.

Internationalized and specialized teaching staff: The specialty has built a highly educated, internationalized, and bipolar teaching staff, and hired prestigious scholars as distinguished professors from the EHL, the college of Hospitality Management of Cornell University, the college of Hospitality Management of Oklahoma State University, and many other world-renowned colleges of hospitality management. In addition, it has developed an internationalized part-time teaching staff based on the structure of “distinguished overseas famous teachers + “Talent Revolving Door” system professors + foreign senior executives from international hotel groups”, and configured its backbone teaching force according to the criteria of “doctoral degree + internationally certified professional qualification certificates”.

Modularized and application-oriented curriculum: the specialty has developed a curriculum system based on business literacy courses, framed by specialty courses, backed by industrial courses, characterized by all-English courses, highlighted by major and shared courses, and college-enterprise co-built courses by gearing to world-class and internationally certified courses. Meanwhile, the specialty also stresses the combination of theoretical learning and practical applications, trying to build a composite model based on simulated decision-making + technical applications + professional quality.

Diversified and featured internships: relying on geographical advantages of Shanghai as a city headquartered by international hospitality groups, the specialty offers numerous internship and employment opportunities for its students at international hospitality groups. It also cooperates with many international hospitality brands and local hospitality groups to build open and shared internship and employment platforms.

In-depth cooperation and dual-degree programs: The specialty has developed dual-degree programs with EHL and Northern Arizona University, and established cooperative relationships with Oklahoma State University in the US and the Glion Institute of Higher Education in Montreux, Switzerland for joint cultivation and in-depth teacher/student exchanges. These programs have broadened the vision of teachers and students, and won the favor of numerous students.

Basic Professional Courses

Introduction to Tourism                          Hospitality Industry

Travel Destination Management                   Tourism Consumer Behavior

Introduction to Hospitality Management             Hospitality Operation Management

Hospitality Customer Management                 Hotel Housekeeping Management

Hotel Food & Beverage Management               Hotel Human Resources Management

Information Systems for Hospitality Management     Hotel Financial Management

Hotel Revenue Management                      Hotel Asset Management   

Hotel Strategic Management                      


3. College of Professional Finance & Accountancy

The college of Professional & Accountancy was set up on the basis of the original college of Finance and Economics, and offers three undergraduate specialties, namely, financial management, accounting, and finance. Upholding the motto of “cultivating oneself through accomplishment of virtues, and benefiting mankind through pursuit of excellence”, the college establishes the specialty construction feature of cultivating “internationalized”, “application-oriented”, and “professional” business talents specialized in finance and economics, and takes it as it mission to “serve the national strategy of turning Shanghai into an international financial center and train financial talents with international vision”. Currently, the college has developed an economics & management interdisciplinary pattern based on the three specialties of financial management, accounting, and finance, and established a financial research institute and a financial center research base. The financial research institute mainly focuses on corporate finance, assets pricing, financial econometrics, and international finance. In 2020, the “New Finance Smart Learning Workplace” project was selected as the first batch of college planning & construction development centers by the Ministry of Education. The specialty of finance of the college has been listed among Shanghai municipal-level first-class undergraduate specialties, and it has been identified by school as a plateau discipline to be built during the 14th Five-Year Plan period.

The college has built a strong teaching staff characterized by “integration of Chinese and Western styles and combination of internal and external refinement”. At present, it has a total of 52 teaching and administrative staff members, including 4 professors, 16 associate professors, 39 doctoral degree holders, 11 administrative teaching assistants, and more than 20 part-time teachers from domestic and foreign enterprises and institutions of higher learning. The teachers of the college have undertaken all kinds of projects (including projects subsidized by the Ministry of Education Humanities and Social Science Fund, policy-making consulting sponsored by Shanghai Municipal People’s Government, and Shanghai municipal-level philosophy and social sciences projects), and published more than 100 papers on many excellent magazines and newspaper both at home and abroad. In the last five years, they have published more than 60 papers on world-renowned SSCI journals and 8 monographs, undertaken more than 40 longitudinal and latitudinal projects at municipal and college levels, and compiled more than ten textbooks. They have also received replies or recognition from provincial and ministerial leaders for nearly 30 special reports on policy-making consulting, including one special report receiving replies from a member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee. Moreover, the teachers have won the third prize of the first National University Teachers Teaching Innovation Competition, the first prize of the first Shanghai University Teachers' Teaching Innovation Competition (the group composed of teachers with associate senior academic titles), the teaching activity innovation award, the teaching academic innovation award and the excellent grass-roots teaching organization award. The reform project of the trials to “replace business tax with VAT”, led by Professor Dong Huiliang, has been included among the 40 symbolic pioneering cases of Shanghai since the reform and opening-up.

At present, the college has 1050 registered students, including 26 international students. In terms of student cultivation, the college has basically developed a collaborative talent cultivation mode based on the combination of “industry, teaching, research, competition, and innovation” and characterized by “industry-teaching integration, teaching-competition integration, and research-innovation integration”. It has also incorporated college-enterprise cooperation, disciplinary contests, scientific research, and innovative and entrepreneurial projects into the objective of cultivating “application-oriented, interdisciplinary, innovative, and internationalized” talents, and introduced the system of “three-circle (inner circle, central circle, and outer circle), three-all (all-staff, all-process, and all-round) talent cultivation in ten dimensions (classroom, scientific research, culture, practice, network, management, service, psychology, subsidy, and organization)” into its first, second, and third classrooms.

The college has also signed industry-university-research base agreements with enterprises such as Wanlong International Consulting Group Co., Ltd., Ruihua Certified Public Accounts, Changning Sub-branch of the Bank of China, Bailian Group, and New York Institute of Finance, and engaged in project exchanges with many world-renowned colleges and universities to broaden students’ international view, including the University of Northampton in the UK; Millersville University, Long Island University, and West Virginia University in the US; and Aarhus college of Business in Denmark. Over the past three years, more than 70 current students of the college have taken part in short-term overseas exchange programs, and 11 teachers have participated in overseas short-term teacher development training programs and visiting scholar programs. The college has always ranked top among the colleges of SBS in terms of the employment quality and job-specialty matching rate of students. Notably, West Virginia University has signed a “2+2” dual-degree program (finance) with SBS.

The college values the supports and assistance to outstanding students and students with financial difficulties. With the substantial support of enterprises who have developed college-enterprise cooperation relationships with the college, the college has set up Wanlong Scholarship, ZeJi Education Scholarship, etc. To help more students fulfill their dreams, the college has also taken part in the program of targeted subsidies to one thousand college students sponsored by the China Foundation for Development of Financial Education.

In the historical background of dramatic changes unseen in a century, the college of Finance actively upholds the motto of “cultivating oneself through accomplishment of virtues, and benefiting mankind through pursuit of excellence” and strictly adheres to the “business-rooted” education philosophy, aiming to serve the national strategy of turning Shanghai into an international financial center, promote new liberal arts construction, enhance specialty competitiveness, and cultivate outstanding business talents.

(1) Finance (Undergraduate, Availability of Languages for Instruction: English)

Training goals

The specialty is dedicated to cultivating application-oriented financial talents with practical ability, innovative and entrepreneurial spirit, international view, and a strong sense of social responsibility, who understand China’s politics, economy, culture, and society and are capable of communicating in Chinese. After receiving undergraduate education featured of solid foundation, strong skills, and multiple paths, international students are expected to accumulate rich professional knowledge; cultivate profound humanistic quality and high moral integrity; obtain relevant qualifications for financial practitioners; be able to engage in investment decision analysis and wealth management in financial institutions, enterprises, and public institutions; and grow into internationalized, interdisciplinary, and application-oriented high-quality business talents that contribute to Sino-foreign friendly exchanges and cooperation.

Job orientations

Graduates from the specialty of finance can find employment with government agencies, public institutions, enterprises, and financial institutions, including commercial banks, investment banks, fund companies, securities companies, large-sized multinational companies, private equity investment companies, and insurance companies, and engage in jobs related to financial management, investment/financing decision analysis, wealth management, etc.

Specialty features

The specialty of finance is a Shanghai municipal-level first-class undergraduate specialty and an experimental specialty for excellent business education. It has constructed the knowledge system of US CFA, ACMCS, and financial science and technology, and geared to international and industrial standards. By integrating the resources of high-quality specialty teachers and mature domestic and overseas teaching forces, the specialty has built a strong CFA team competent for all-English teaching. The specialty has perfectly integrated Sino-US “2+2” dual-degree programs and CO-OP college-enterprise cooperation into the whole process of talent cultivation, and effectively constructed a curriculum system combining CFA courses and practice and training courses, with the purposing of cultivating investment decision analysis and wealth management abilities in students through a full utilization of on-campus practical training bases.

Students in their third year at SBS, after passing related tests, can choose to study for “2+2” degrees at West Virginia University in the US. After graduation, these qualified students will obtain undergraduate degrees, one issued by SBS and the other by West Virginia University.

Basic Professional Courses

Finance                                  Financial Risk Management

EconomicsCFA                          Financial Statement Analysis

Ethical and Professional StandardsCFA       EconometricsCFA                                        

Financial MarketCFA                     InvestmentCFA                           

International FinanceCFA                  Corporate FinanceCFA                    

Financial EngineeringCFA                                  


(2) Financial Management (Undergraduate, Availability of Language for Instruction: Chinese)

Training goals

This major cultivates application-oriented talents who understand Chinese politics, economy, culture and society, with ability of Chinese communication, sense of social responsibility, ability of practice, innovative spirit and international vision. This undergraduate course enables international students to have profound humanistic literacy, solid knowledge and competence of financial management, high standard of ethics, so they will become business talents of high-quality.

Job orientations

The graduates are engaged in management accounting related work e.g. financial planning, financial decision-making, financial control and financial evaluation in enterprises, institutions and agencies, with competence of related positions of financial management business, management accounting practice, financial consulting services, etc. in domestic and foreign enterprises, commercial banks, accounting firms, and financial companies.

Specialty features

This major cultivates professional talents with solid theoretical foundation, strong practical application ability, fulfilling the requirements during social development, and with competence of theoretical and practical departments. We focus on basic theory and practical capability, so the students will know about the basic knowledge and have specialized skills of the subject. At the same time, the academic education is integrated with the vocational qualification education of American Certified Management Accountant (CMA) , by means of various simulated training and corporate internship, enabling the students to make decisions in analyzing and solving financial management practice with basic financial strategy analysis.

This major is one of the earliest financial management majors featuring management accounting in China. Linking with the knowledge system of American Certified Management Accountant (CMA) and integrating accounting, finance and management, it cultivate students by various means of CO-OP university-enterprise cooperation, etc., fusing theoretical teaching with practical application.This major fulfills the basic requirements on the comprehensive financial management capabilities to the financial professional in context of current business environment. Quite practicable and operational, it features "academic education+ international vocational qualification" and cultivates financial management talents of double-certificate.

Basic Professional Courses

Financial ManagementCMA                 Management AccountingCMA

Financial Markets and Financial Institutions       Cost ManagementCMA

Financial Plan, CMA                         Financial Analysis, CMA                            

Strategic ManagementCMA                 Financial Reporting, CMA

Internal Control and Risk Management, CMA     


4. College of Business Economics

The Business Economics College was founded on December 25, 2015. The College upholds the educational philosophy of "building an application-based business school", actively meets the needs of the construction of Shanghai's "Five Centers", and is always committed to cultivating outstanding business talents with social responsibility, strong practical ability, innovative and entrepreneurial spirit and international vision.

Following the motto of "enriching the country with business knowledge and cultivating ourselves with strict discipline", the College of Business Economics is committed to the academic and professional construction and development of commerce (business), based on the industry, highlighting application, and endeavoring to cultivate high-quality business talents with sense of social responsibility, ability of practice, innovative spirit and international vision.

We have four majors--business economics, economic statistics, international economics and trade, and taxation, as well as an economics teaching and research department for all the courses on economics of the whole school. We have nearly 1,200 undergraduate students and 62 College members, among which the proportion of professors and associate professors reaches 38%, teachers with PhD and master degree 98%. Most of the full-time teachers graduated from distinguished universities of China and abroad, and many of them have experience of overseas study and post-doctoral research. The College has a fine composition of age, with a high level of academic qualifications, a sound academic structure, outstanding teaching and research results, is full of strong cohesion and combat effectiveness. Quite a few of them were selected into the "New Century" Excellent Talents Program of the Ministry of Education, Elsevier "2019 Highly Cited Scholars in China", Shanghai "Education Award", Shanghai "Morning Light Scholar", "Prestigious and Moral Standard Teacher", etc.

The College pays attention to the connotation construction of business studies. Since its establishment, the College has one master's degree in international business, which has been approved as a national first-class major, a municipal first-class major, a new liberal arts project of the Ministry of Education, a project of "Plateau" discipline in Shanghai, a pilot project of applied undergraduate transformation in Shanghai, and a research base of business economy and international economic and trade rules and standards in Shanghai, and has successfully become one of the first-class undergraduate majors in Shanghai, laying a solid discipline and professional foundation for students to master theoretical knowledge and cultivate humanistic spirit. At the same time, the College insists on taking root in China to develop education and "cultivating talents for the Party and the State", follows the lead of  National Party Building Model Branch of the Ministry of Education, Shanghai Municipal Education and Health System Demonstration Party Branch, and relies on Shanghai "Shangshang" (advocating business) studio of distinguished teachers to guide students to establish correct outlooks on the world, life and values, and promote students' all-round development of morality, intelligence, physique, beauty and labor.

Our high-level professional theoretical research has achieved fruitful results. In recent years, our teachers have successively undertaken 1 national social science key project, 5 general projects, 1 youth project, 1 national self-study youth project, 2 humanities and social science youth projects of the Ministry of Education, and 5 Shanghai Philosophy and Social Science Youth Project, 1 Shanghai Morning Light Plan, as well as over 20 projects at the provincial and ministerial level and above. They have published hundreds of scientific research thesis in professional core journals, and won a number of awards at or above the provincial and ministerial level, many monographs and compilations triggering broad and positive effect in domestic business field.

The College has abundant applied business teaching resources. The major of international economics and trade was approved for the national first-class professional construction qualification, and as one of the first batch of new liberal arts research and reform practice projects of the Ministry of Education; the taxation major was approved as an applied undergraduate pilot major in Shanghai municipal colleges and universities; the business economics major was approved for the city-level first-class course under construction; and the College was approved for three municipal key teaching reform projects and eight municipal key courses. The economic statistics major is one of the few big data-related majors in Shanghai's municipal colleges and universities. The College has a comprehensive international trade laboratory integrating the business training such as simulating business negotiation, international business documents and international trade process operation, a comprehensive tax simulation training platform, and a comprehensive business and economic training platform.

The College has a sound "government-production-learning-research" integrated talent training mechanism. The College has maintained long-term in-depth cooperation with many government departments, commercial enterprises and trade associations, including local tax bureaus/tax agent associations, well-known tax agent firms, customs declaration/inspection departments, international trade/freight forwarding companies, large Internet companies, and trade companies, so that the students can get training and practice opportunities in various business front-line departments and acquire strong professional competitiveness and social adaptability.

We have 10 student societies, providing a good platform for academic competition and professional quality improvement. At the same time, we promote pragmatically the undergraduate teacher incentive plan, and the "second classroom" has formed a new normal for daily teaching.

In terms of international exchanges, we keep carrying out international exchange programs with foreign universities e.g. University of Northampton in the United Kingdom, Millersville University in the United States, West Virginia University in the United States, Daye University in Taiwan Province of China, and have hosted for years the international joint student training model--the undergraduate "2+ 2" (2 years study at home and 2 abroad), continuously strengthening the cultivation of international business talents and remarkably widening their international vision.

International Economics and Trade (Undergraduate, Availability of Language for Instruction: Chinese)

Training goals

This major cultivates application-oriented talents on international economics and trade, who understand Chinese politics, economy, culture and society, with ability of Chinese communication, sense of social responsibility, ability of practice, innovative spirit and international vision. This undergraduate course enables international students to have morality and humanistic literacy, be able to actively take social responsibilities, systematically know about main knowledge system of economics, and be familiar with the basic knowledge of other philosophical social science theories and modern information technology theories, and have a solid grasp of the system professional theoretical knowledge of international economics and trade and strong professional practical ability to fulfill the requirements of social development. With fluency of an internationally accepted foreign language, they are capable of international trade document production, international market environment analysis, international business communication, and comprehensive handling of foreign trade business, information technology application and processing and other trade services, With a sense of innovation and entrepreneurship, a good international perspective and a diverse knowledge system and with innovative and entrepreneurial awareness, a better international perspective and a diversified knowledge system, they will become internationalized, interdisciplinary and application-oriented high-quality business talents, to promote the communication and friendly cooperation between China and foreign countries.

Job orientations

The graduates are engaged in management, trade services and other related positions in government agencies and foreign trade companies, international freight forwarding companies, customs or inspection declarations, and various trade service-related enterprises and institutions, foreign enterprises, banks, insurance companies, securities companies, etc.

Specialty features

We have set up a universality-enterprise cooperation platform to achieve simultaneous improvement of theoretical learning and practical capabilities, constructing the knowledge, ability and quality structure of students in this major in accordance with the overall cultivating requirements of "solid basis, capable quality, wide recruitment, and strong competence".

We innovate practical pattern of teaching and have also built up a cross-boundary training room and comprehensive international trade laboratory that integrates simulated training of business negotiation, international business bill verification, international trade operation, customs declaration, and inspection business. We also focus on competence cultivation through various international trade professional competitions to promote learning, teaching and research, so the students will become talents with comprehensive qualities, solid basis, obvious specialties, and innovative spirit.

We have introduced the international certificate, IIEI (International Import-Export Institute) -- Certified Exporter (CE) course in international certification system for import and export professional qualifications.

Basic Professional Courses

Micro-economics                           Macro-economics

International Economics                      Accounting

Statistics                                  Econometrics

Finance                                   International Trade

Import and Export Trade Practice


5. College of Business Information

The faculty attaches great importance to the cultivation of applied business talents mastering information engineering technologies. Following the principle of “combination and interpenetration of engineering and management sciences”, it has built featured professional talent training system for information technology disciplines based on in-depth industry-education integration. Currently, it is the leader of the construction of new business studies (business economics, business management, and business information). The faculty offers five undergraduate specialties, i.e., E-Business, Information Management and System, Computer Science and Technology, Internet of Things Engineering, and Big Data Management and Application. At present, it owns more than 1,200 enrolled students,two offices,four departments,one branch and two centers and 72 full-time and part-time staff members. So far, the faculty has been granted with two “Industry-education Integration” projects under the Ministry of Education, one national “New Engineering” project, one national “Double-Ten-Thousand Plan” first-class undergraduate specialty, and one Shanghai municipal-level first-class undergraduate specialty.

Guided by the “Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era”, the faculty has implemented the construction of the “Ministry of Education New Engineering Research and Practice Program” relying on the “Ministry of Education–ZTE ICT Industry-education Integration Innovation Base” and the “Ministry of Education–Data China “Hundred-university” Industry-education Integration Innovation Base”, aiming to develop featured talent training bases, scientific & technological innovation bases, and application service bases. In addition, the faculty has also conducted in-depth school-enterprise cooperation, given full play to the advantages of Internet +, cloud computing, and big data industry applications in data resources and computing capabilities, built a school-enterprise joint talent training team, and developed an excellent talent education model aimed at cultivating application-oriented innovative talents. The specialty of E-Business is an application-oriented undergraduate comprehensive reform experimental specialty at Shanghai municipal level and a Shanghai municipal-level first-class undergraduate guiding program specialty. In 2019, the specialty was honored as a national “Double-Ten-Thousand Plan” first-class undergraduate specialty, and passed ACBSP international certification. In 2020, the specialty of Computer Science and Technology was honored as a Shanghai municipal-level first-class undergraduate specialty.

Over the past three years, the student work of the faculty has been fruitful: Our students have won more than 300 awards in all kinds of discipline competitions, including more than 100 municipal or higher-level grand and first prizes. The faculty has been elected as an advanced collective for employment multiple times by the school. Besides a graduate employment rate of above 98%, the faculty also ranks the first place in the school in terms of graduate salary level. More than 70 graduates of the faculty have been admitted into renowned institutions of higher learning for postgraduate study, including Xi 'an Jiaotong University, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, Shanghai University, University of Southern California, New York University, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and University of Nottingham.

Excellent talent education

The faculty has created a brand-new industry-education integration mechanism for the undergraduate phase, striving to cultivate talents urgently needed by Made in China 2025 and 5-10 years future major industries at local level. Students have the opportunity to take internships at large-sized enterprises for one year, with payment and credits.

Teaching staff

An innovative teaching staff has been developed by inviting senior engineers from enterprises and encouraging them to collaborate with faculty teachers. By cooperating with enterprises in developing and teaching specialty core courses, we can ensure the excellent academic level, outstanding teaching quality, and rich industrial practice experience of our teaching staff, thus realizing talent cultivation through multi-party cooperation. The faculty also has an outstanding teaching team in charge of school-enterprise integration, mainly composed of young and middle-aged teachers. Currently, the faculty owns 72 full-time and part-time staff members, including 11 corporate senior engineers, six professors, 20 associate professors, and 31 teachers with a Doctoral degree. Notably, 60% of our full-time teachers have an intermediate or senior professional title, 96% have a Master or Doctoral degree, and 50% have studied or engaged in further education at abroad. Besides one expert of the National Education Steering Committee and four experts of Shanghai Municipal Professional Education Steering Committee, there are also one winner of the Baosteel Outstanding Teacher Award, one winner of the Shanghai Municipal-level Outstanding Teacher Award, and three winners of the Shanghai Yucai Award.

Practice bases

Relying on the bases built by the Ministry of Education, the faculty has carefully studied the practical engineering application cases of “Internet +”, aiming to cultivate students’ practical working capabilities in an all-round manner. The faculty has built an industry-university cooperation alliance with more than 30 enterprises and public institutions for the development of on-campus and off-campus practice bases, including ZTE Corporation, Apple Shanghai Co., Ltd., Shuguang Group, Oracle Software System (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., The Third Research Institute of the Ministry of Public Security, Shanghai Baozun E-commerce Limited, and Newland Science & Technology Croup Co., Ltd.

Quality development

Vocational quality cultivation courses are taught throughout the undergraduate phase to fully cultivate students’ comprehensive quality. Corporate mentors are invited to guide, teach, and cultivate quasi-professionals hand by hand. The Co-Operative Education (CO-OP) program is introduced to provide targeted vocational quality education for students through linkage with enterprises in the industry. Over the past three years, our students have made repeated successes in all kinds of competitions and contests, including the China University Student Computer Design Competition, the Embedded System Design Contest, the Internet of Things Design Competition, the “Challenge Cup” National College Student Competition, the Mathematical Contest in Modeling, the “Innovation Cup” Management Contest, the National Competition on E-Commerce Innovation, Originality and Entrepreneurship for College Students, and the “Internet +” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. The graduates are highly welcomed and praised by employers, including Internet enterprises, e-commerce enterprises, IT enterprises, banks, public institutions, and government agencies.

E-Commerce (Undergraduate, Availability of Language for Instruction: Chinese)

Training goals

This major aims to cultivate first-class application-oriented new business” talents with all-round development of morality, intelligence, physique, beauty and labor, international vision, solid theoretical foundation of economic management and e-commerce, skilled application of digital technology, new retail management, mobile Internet and big data analysis, engaged in e-commerce digital operation management, business data mining, business intelligence analysis, and meeting the needs of national strategic emerging industries.

Job orientations

The graduates are mainly engaged in e-commerce operation, technology development, digital marketing and logistics management in e-commerce enterprises, modern service enterprises, financial institutions, science and technology enterprises and management consulting organizations. They can also choose to pursue masters degree in management science and engineering, business administration and other majors.

Specialty features

This major was approved as a national Double First-class Specialty Plan” undergraduate major in 2019, and passed ACBSP international certification. In 2018, this major was selected as the first-class undergraduate leading program major in Shanghai. It is the pilot major of outstanding business education in the school and the Hundred Universities Project” of the Ministry of Education of China, that is, the innovation base of integration of production and education and the national Emerging Engineering Education” construction base. We will actively carry out in-depth school-enterprise cooperation and international cooperation in running schools, put innovation and entrepreneurship quality education throughout the talent training process, and build a talent training mode of integration of production and education & integration of academic diplomas and vocational certificates.

In the face of the digital age, we have created a teaching system based on digital operation of e-commerce, with business data analysis and mobile business application development as the professional training direction closely following the needs of the society, forming a new business characteristic based on big data.

Basic Professional Courses

Introduction to E-Business                        Introduction to Mobile Business

Introduction to Cross-Border E-Business             E-Business Visual Operations

E-Business Traffic Operations                     E-Business Customer Operations

Business Data Analysis                           Statistics

Multivariate Statistical Analysis                    Marketing

Data Visualization                               Big Data Processing

Planning and Design of Mobile Application           Machine Learning


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