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Shanghai Business School Introduction to the Master of International Business (MIB) Professional Degree

creation date:2022-07-20

I. About the Discipline

The SBS program unit for Master of International Business (MIB) officially approved and established in 2021 has a state-level first-class unit for undergraduate professional construction (International Economics and Trade and E-commerce), a Shanghai plateau discipline (Applied Economics for the Orientation of Business Economics), and various provincial-, ministry- and higher-level teaching and S&T research platforms (incl. a national experimental teaching demonstration center, a MOFCOM Training Base for International Business Officials, a decision-making consulting research base of the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government, a humanities and social science research base for Shanghai universities, and a research base for international economic and trade rules and standards of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade). As the chairman unit of the Business Economics Committee of the Commerce Economy Association of China, talent training jointly with well-known enterprises such as Alibaba and Bailian Group, as well as in-depth integration of production and education with leading e-commerce platform companies such as Pinduoduo, Ctrip, and Fresh Hema have been carried out . 

Upon actively integrating high-quality teaching and subject resources within and beyond SBS, the master program unit has built a strong teaching team, including 52 full-time teachers (55% with senior professional titles, 82% with a doctoral degree, and about 40% with overseas study background). The professional teachers have won the titles of the “New Century” Excellent Talent (Program) granted by the Ministry of Education, Shanghai Leading Talents, Elsevier Highly Cited Chinese Researchers, and the world’s top 2% scientists. The disciplinary team members have published high-level papers in top domestic and foreign journals such as International Journal of Production Research and Economic Research Journal, and have a number of decision consulting research results approved by domestic and foreign politicians. The members have obtained more than 50 scientific research projects above the provincial and ministerial level (such as the National Social Science Foundation, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and the Humanities and Social Sciences Project of the Ministry of Education), and won more than 10 provincial- and ministerial-level scientific research awards (such as the Shanghai Decision Consulting Research Achievement Award).

II. Cultivation Goals

The master’s degree program aims to cultivate business elites with a firm political stance, a global vision, and a sense of innovation. Upon mastering a sound international business knowledge system, being proficient in modern international business practice skills and international economic and trade laws, and having good foreign language skills and cross-cultural communication skills, students will be qualified to engage in international business practice and management in various international business enterprises and institutions, cross-border e-commerce enterprises or government departments. SBS has made every effort to build a high-end brand of MIB education.

III. Program Features

A strong and reasonably structured team of teachers, teaching content that benchmarks international standards, effective double-tutor system, flexible and diverse assessment methods, and eye-catching employment prospects have formed the characteristics of SBS MIB.

Business Study Brand - Insist on the school-running concept with the traits of business study, and adhere to the tradition of educating students with both political integrity and professional competence;

International Vision - Grasp the development trend of international business, and master the practice of international business operations;

Shanghai Characteristics – Serve the construction of Shanghai’s “five centers” and “four major brands”, and deeply cultivate the Belt and Road collaborative innovation in business education;

Application Priority– Face the new economy and new business formats, be oriented by application practice, cultivate senior practical business talents. 

IV. Research Fields

After accumulating the educational experience in the field of applied economics and exploring new development models of international business for years, the master program has established three research directions including International Business Environment, Business Model and Digital Business. 

1. International Business Environment

The field mainly focuses on the impact of the increasingly complex business environment on international business activities, involving international business environment, international marketing, e-commerce laws and regulations, e-commerce operation and management, international settlement, international business negotiation, international taxation, environmental trade barriers, economic globalization, etc.

2. Business Model

The field, based on the new business era, explores new scenarios and services-combined new business logics and models. Through the application and comprehensive dissection of the thinking methods, design concepts, design methods, design processes and other tools for enterprise business model innovation, the students will be trained to master the most critical core wisdom and concepts in business operation.

3. Digital Business

This direction mainly focuses on the application of digital technology in international business activities, including the theory of digital economy, digital business operation and management, digital finance, digital marketing, big data statistical analysis, digital business information system, digital business tax policy, etc. It emphasizes the characteristics of business study, actively explores new models of business development, and focuses on cultivating students to master the relevant skills to efficiently carry out international digital business activities in the big data environment.