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Bring Chinese poetry to the world: College of International Education organized a salon for international students to appreciate the Chinese poetry

creation date:2023-11-23

On the afternoon of Tuesday, November 21st, 2023, the College of International Education held a Chinese salon with the theme of appreciating the Chinese poetry for international students from around the world. The poetry not merely showcasethe unique humanistic sentiments of Chinese people, but highlighted remarkable Eastern aesthetics. 

The site of the Chinese Poetry Appreciation Salon

Taking classical Chinese landscape paintings as the starting point, thSalon invited international students to share the specific scenery they have seen in Chinese classical landscape paintings and the beauty of Chinese culture they can appreciate from the scenery. There are many beautiful poems and phrases depicting the four seasons in the Chinese poetry. Chinese students not only shared and exchanged their favorite poems or phrases about winter with international students, but also provided brief explanations of the poetry and taught them how to learn the poems in Chinese. Through this process, international students had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the beautiful artistic essence of Chinese poetry. Besides, by reciting the lines word by word, they were able to experience the profound beauty and significance of the poems. 

Group photo of all Chinese and foreign students in the salon

Ancient Chinese poetry often has the beauty of leaving blank. By reciting Chinese poetry and understanding the creative conception behind it, international students can appreciate the beauty of Eastern culture and form their own understanding of poetry. This event aims to promote Chinese civilization through aesthetic education, integrating Chinese language learning with moral and spiritual education to help international students cultivate moral characters and improve their humanistic qualities, thereby deepening their love for Chinese culture.


Written by: Zhang Ruyi

Photos by: Zhang Ruyi

Reviewed by: Chen Wei