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Listening to Music and Appreciating Movies Attentively ——College of International Education organized the film dubbing and Chinese-foreign music exchange conference for international students

creation date:2023-11-29

On the afternoon of November 28th, 2023, the College of International Education held an event with the theme of film dubbing and Chinese-foreign music exchange for international students from all over the world. The participants appreciated classic movie clips and listened to popular Chinese and foreign songs, which enriched their campus life and improved their aesthetic literacy through artistic exchange.

Chinese students and international students enjoyed classic movie clip together

The event began by playing a mixed-cut video of various classic Chinese films from 2018, using clips to help international students understand the filming and narrative techniques used in Chinese cinema. Then, a passionate speech by Colonel Frank Slade in the renowned foreign film Scent of a Woman was played. The scene depicted him addressing the principal and school committee in the school auditorium. After watching this, Chinese and international students freely paired up to imitate the dialogue and presented a video dubbing clip on stage.

Students presenting movie dubbing on the podium

Next came the part of music listening and learning Chinese songs. Music is not only a part of culture but also a form of expression. Through music, international students can gain insights into different cultures. During this activity, Chinese students shared various Chinese songs with their foreign friends. The international students then watched related music videos and learned to sing along word by word in Chinese. The melodies of Chinese songs are graceful, and the lyrics are classical and elegant, providing international students with a unique cultural experience.

Group photo at the end of the activity

Whether it’s graceful and swaying, grand and majestic, or filled with dynamic rhythm, each piece of music embodies its own allure and creative ideas. Through appreciating movies and listening to songs, international students can feel the charm of Chinese culture and the sincere emotions contained in it. Enhancing aesthetic education, conducting aesthetic educational initiatives, and fostering the spirit of aesthetic education are the focal points of the mindset education for international students this semester. Through organizing a variety of activities, students’ cultural literacy, artistic appreciation abilities, and aesthetic awareness have been significantly enhanced, subtly promoting their healthy personality development as well.

Written by: Zhang Ruyi

Photos by: Zhang Ruyi

Reviewed by: Chen   Wei