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Shanghai Business School Launches “the Belt and Road” Financial Leadership Advanced Seminar

creation date:2023-12-02

On December 1st, the opening ceremony of the Advanced Seminar for Financial Leaders from the Perspective of the Belt and Road Initiative, sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China and organized by our school’s MOFCOM Training Base for International Business Officials (Shanghai), was inaugurated. Liu Beimin, a researcher at the Foreign Economic Cooperation Department of the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce, and Chen Wei, Executive Vice Dean of the College of International Education and Deputy Director of MOFCOM Training Base for International Business Officials (Shanghai), attended the event.

The site of the opening ceremony of the seminar

The proposal of the Global Development Initiative by President Xi at the 76th United Nations General Assembly has been pivotal in offering China's solution and wisdom to global challenges. The seminar, in line with national leaders' commitments to strengthen exchanges and cooperation among developing countries, seeks to foster financial management collaboration between China and participating nations, thereby advancing international development cooperation.

Speech delivered by Liu Beimin

Liu Beimin, in her address, acknowledged the tenth anniversary of China's Belt and Road Initiative, stating that it has injected new impetus into global economic growth and created a platform for international economic cooperation. Shanghai, as China's economic mega-city, has played a pivotal role in driving international trade and investment, contributing significantly to the Belt and Road's high-quality construction. She expressed hope that the seminar would build bridges for enhanced bilateral and multilateral friendships, contributing to the high-quality development of the Belt and Road.

Speech delivered by Chen Wei

Chen Wei emphasized the increasingly crucial role of financial leaders in this era of globalization, stressing their impact on enterprise and national development. Their enhanced abilities, he noted, contribute to improved efficiency and prudent cost management at the enterprise level. Nationally, qualified financial leaders play a vital role in implementing fiscal policies, directly influencing fiscal balances and economic development. Chen Wei envisioned the seminar as a practical move to promote exchanges and cooperation in financial management, opening new opportunities for mutual development.

Speech delivered by the representative of participants

Barbara Rodriguez Caldas, representing participants from Brazil, highlighted the constantly evolving global dynamics and the pivotal role of China's Belt and Road Initiative. She commended the initiative for reshaping the global financial landscape and offering unique opportunities to countries. Barbara anticipated the seminar as an excellent platform for exchanging ideas, establishing partnerships, and enhancing mutual communication.

Group photo of the seminar

The 8-day seminar welcomed 36 participants from 11 countries, including Brazil, Myanmar, Chile, Cuba, Egypt, Nepal, Portugal, Sri Lanka, Uruguay, Vanuatu, and Venezuela. The program will include a visit to Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, providing participants with field inspection.

Written by: Liang Bo

Photos by: Li Zheng

Reviewed by: Chen Wei