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Fun sports with vitality and style ——The College of International Education organizes a frisbee game for Chinese and international students

creation date:2023-12-13

On the afternoon of Tuesday, December 12, 2023, the College of International Education hosted a delightful frisbee game for international students from various countries. The game not only introduced them to new and thrilling frisbee techniques but also fostered exercise habits and enhanced their overall physical fitness.

Chinese students are introducing frisbee techniques to international students

Firstly, Chinese students used mini games to help international students understand and master the basic and advanced skills of playing frisbee. The international students progressed from being unfamiliar with the sport to becoming proficient, as well as developing an understanding of the importance of teamwork. The entire process was both enjoyable and challenging, bringing vibrancy to the campus during the winter season.

International students are participating in the frisbee game

Frisbee, as a popular sport among young people nowadays, not only provides an easy-to-learn activity but also enhances individuals’ sports awareness. By organizing such sports activities, it enriches the extracurricular life of international students, alleviates their stress, and encourages them to engage in sports in an engaging and immersive manner. Consequently, it fosters stronger friendships between Chinese and foreign students, adds dynamism to their lives, and showcases the youthful spirit of “Shanghai Business School.”

Written by: Zhang Ruyi

Photos by: Zhang Ruyi

Reviewed by: Chen Wei