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Focusing on Student Needs and Collaboratively Forging a Path of Growth —— The College of International Education organizes a symposium for international students in 2023 fall semester

creation date:2023-12-20

On December 19, 2023, the College of International Education organized a symposium for international students in 2023 fall semester in Classroom 113 of Building No.1. It aimed to build a platform for communication and exchange to address the problems and difficulties encountered by international students in their studies and daily lives. The symposium was attended by Dai Ying, the Executive Vice Dean of the College of International Education, along with staff members from the International Student Office. Additionally, 33 representatives of international students from different grades, majors, and colleges actively took part in the event.

The site of the symposium for international students

In the exchange and questioning session, international students actively proposed questions covering various aspects of learning and life. Among them, the focus of senior students is mainly on internship issues. They engaged in thorough discussions on topics such as obtaining internship opportunities, difficulties in the internship process, and the relationship between internships and future career development. Vice Dean Dai Ying stated that the college will support and assist international students in finding high-quality internship projects and providing internship interview opportunities as always. She encourages international students to exert their subjective initiative, actively seize internship opportunities, and improve professional abilities and comprehensive qualities through practice. In response to the questions raised by other grades of international students on how to better participate in campus activities, counselor Li Zixi replied that the college will gradually carry out more diverse cultural experience activities to help international students better integrate into campus culture. Also, international students are encouraged to actively participate in various types of club activities at the school and strengthen the communication and exchange with Chinese students.

Vice Dean Dai Ying actively addressed the questions raised by international students

At the symposium, the staff of the International Student Office patiently provided detailed answers to various questions raised by international students. Besides answering the specific questions of international students, they also shared their experiences and insights to guide and make suggestions for international students.

Finally, Vice Dean Dai Ying gave a concluding speech. She first expressed appreciation for the attitude of international students in actively proposing questions and expressing themselves, while emphasizing that the college attaches great importance to the development of international students. The college will consider the questions and suggestions raised by international students and further optimize relevant work processes to better meet the reasonable needs of international students. She emphasized that no matter in which grade, the importance of learning is particularly evident. Learning is the cornerstone of university life and should be continuously invested and pursued for excellence. In addition, she also encouraged international students to actively participate in various activities and competitions organized by the university, achieving comprehensive development in morality, intelligence, and physical fitness.

This symposium has successfully established an effective platform for communication and exchange, providing an opportunity to hear the voices and ideas of international students and gain a deeper understanding of their learning and living needs. This initiative aims to lay a solid foundation for the development of an enhanced international talent training system at Shanghai Business School and collaboratively pave the way for the growth of international business students.

Written by: Li Zixi

Photos by: Shen Lanxin & Li Zixi

Reviewed by: Chen Wei