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“Our Festivals” ——The College of International Education organizes a salon to introduce traditional Chinese cultural festivals

creation date:2023-12-20

On Tuesday afternoon, December 19th, 2023, the International Education College held a Chinese salon event with the theme of introducing traditional Chinese culture to international students from all over the world. The purpose of the event was to enhance the understanding and awareness of Chinese civilization among international students, as well as share the stories of excellent traditional Chinese culture.

In this Chinese salon, several important traditional festivals were introduced to foreign students. Such as the Dragon Boat Festival, a folk festival filled with celebration, entertainment and delicacy on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month; the Mid-Autumn Festival, which symbolizes family reunion on the fifteenth day of the eighth lunar month; the Lantern Festival, which includes guessing riddles and eating rice dumpling on the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, and the New Year at the beginning of the first lunar month that ring out the Old Year and ring in the New Year.

In addition to introducing the origins and history of traditional Chinese cultural festivals to international students, this event also explained the Chinese expressions used for these festivals. After understanding the history behind Chinese cultural festivals, international students have also taken to the stage to express their understanding of these festivals in Chinese, and introduced how they spent these traditional and interesting festivals in China.

The site of the Chinese salon

To promote the innovative development of traditional Chinese culture, it is not only necessary to strengthen exchanges and mutual learning among different civilizations, but also to cultivate a group of international cultural communicators who are capable and willing to share Chinese stories. Through them, we can better make our voice heard and make excellent Chinese culture spread. Our college has always regarded fostering a sense of Chinese cultural identity as an essential part of the ideological education system for international students, and will continuously and systematically integrate excellent traditional Chinese cultural education into it. By doing so, we will lay a solid foundation for cultivating international talents of “Shanghai Business School” who love, know, is close to, and befriend China.

Written by: Zhang Ruyi

Photos by: Zhang Ruyi

Reviewed by: Chen Wei