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Heart-Warming New Year Visits ——The College of International Education organized visits to international students staying on campus

creation date:2024-01-19

On January 18th, 2024, with the coming of the New Year, Vice Dean Dai Ying and staff from the International Students Office of the International Education College paid a visit to the international students staying on campus. They expressed their concern and extended warm New Year greetings to the students.

Vice Dean Dai Ying started by inspecting the living conditions in the international students’ dormitory and engaging in discussions with the students regarding their academic progress and plans for the winter break. The students were encouraged to remain dedicated to their studies, expand their knowledge and perspectives, and most importantly, to develop a deep understanding of China’s history, traditions, and culture, so as to become ambassadors of friendship, fostering strong ties between China and their respective countries. Subsequently, Dai Ying, on behalf of the college, sent New Year’s greetings to the international students staying on campus. 2024 marks the Year of the Dragon, which is an important spiritual and cultural symbol of the Chinese nation, symbolizing wisdom and auspiciousness. She hopes that international students can stay in high spirit in the new year and work diligently towards their dreams.

Umar Ilyasu Sani, a Nigerian student, said that although he cannot reunite with his family during the vacation, he can feel the warmth and sense of belonging after receiving care from Shanghai Business School. Chavez Villar Gabriel, a Cuban student, shared his plans to utilize the winter break to further enhance his Chinese language skills. He acknowledged the enriching experience of studying and living in SBS, where he has been exposed to the vibrant and diverse Chinese culture.

Vice Dean Dai Ying is visiting international students staying on campus

The College of International Education’s visit has provided a heartwarming display of humanistic care for the international students, allowing them to feel the support from SBS and fostering a harmonious and welcoming atmosphere. By taking the time to listen to the concerns and suggestions of the students, the college has gained valuable insights that will help to refine the training methods for the development of international students. In line with the vision of internationalization development, SBS is committed to enhancing its international talent education system, cultivating more globally-minded business professionals who possess a deep understanding of China’s culture and society.

Written by: Zhang Wen

Photos by: Zhang Wen

Reviewed by: Chen Wei