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Accommodation Registration Procedures for International Students

creation date:2021-05-17

According to Chinese laws and regulations, all international students must handle registration formalities within 24 hours after check-in with a valid ID certificate. Related information is provided in the table below:

I On-campus accommodation registration procedures

Registration place
Working time
Front desk of dormitory building #11
From Monday to Friday

II Off-campus Accommodation Registration Procedures

According to the rules of SBS, students failing to check into the on-campus International Students’ Apartment should get prepared for off-campus accommodation before arrival at SBS. According to Article 39 of the Exit-Entry Administration Law of the People's Republic of China, Where a foreign national stays in a hotel within China, the hotel shall, according to the public security administration provisions for the hospitality industry, conduct accommodation registration for the foreign national and submit accommodation registration information on the foreign national to the local public security authority. Where a foreign national lives or stays in a dwelling other than a hotel, the foreign national shall personally, or the provider of such accommodation shall, conduct registration with the public security authority of the place of dwelling within 24 hours after being accommodated.

This means that a student 1) living off campus, 2) changing personal address, or 3) intending to move out of the International Students’ Apartment for off-campus accommodation shall handle accommodation registration online via the Self-help Declaration System for Overseas Personnel Accommodation Registration within 24 hours, otherwise the student may be held legally responsible. The specific steps are as follows:

Step 1: Open the website ( and sign in;

Step 2: Select certificate type (passport or other certificates), and upload certificates and photo;

Step 3: Fill in address of accommodation and dates of arrival and departure, check the Letter of Commitment, and submit;

Step 4: Check declaration results, and print the electronic Accommodation Registration Form.


Tips: In the case of failing to pass automatic check because of incomplete information, please wait patiently for manual handling. If you are in urgent need of the Temporary Residence Registration Certificate or the system reports failed declaration, please submit written materials for declaration at the local police station.