About Accommodation

creation date:2022-08-03

1. What facilities and equipment are provided in the dormitory for international students


The equipment and bathroom facilities of the dormitory vary according to the apartment type. All dorms are equipped with air conditioning and basic furniture, providing network, bathroom and 24-hour hot water.

2. What is the standard of accommodation fee for international students?


Apartment location

Apartment type

Academic Year Accommodation


Double room


Fengxian Campus

Quadruple room (suite)



3. Do I need to register if I live off-campus?


According to Article 39 of the “Exit and Entry Administration Law of the People’s Republic of China”, if a foreigner stays in a hotel in China, the hotel shall register the foreigner’s accommodation in accordance with the relevant provisions of the public security management of the hotel industry and report the registration information of the foreigner’s accommodation to the local public security authorities. Foreigners living or staying in a dwelling other than a hotel should be registered within twenty-four hours of arrival by themselves or the person staying overnight, with the public security organs of the place of residence.


According to the regulations, if you: 1. Live off-campus; 2. Change your apartment address; 3. Currently live in the on-campus international student dormitory, but plan to move to off-campus housing, you need to register for off-campus housing in accordance with the regulations.